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Say Goodbye to Diets

Create your own sustainable, long-lasting diet and healthy lifestyle in this interactive class. You will begin your wellness journey by discovering your bio-individuality and as a group create healthy diets and lifestyle options for each person. Participate in activities as a group to help each other by discussing, creating and holding each other accountable for their lifestyle improvements. You will learn about the bio-individuality concept and how to fulfill your body’s unique needs achieving health and weight loss during the transformation process.

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Clean Living

What are safe ingredients to put in and on your body? In this class, we will go beyond food and learn how to read labels on personal care, cleaning solutions and other products that are frequently used at home or at work. Discover what is and isn't working with the products and ingredients you already use and learn how you can transition to cleaner, greener alternatives. 

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Hands up if you are ready to take a break and indulge in some Self-Care! 

Self-care can sound like an expensive cliché - bubble bath and a day at the spa – when in fact it’s a necessity. In this workshop, 3 holistic coaches are going to shift your mindset to understand how self-care can be a holistic practice of daily self-love that everyone should have more of in their lives. Your wellbeing plays a very important role in overall health, immunity and mental health, and this has never been more relevant than now.

You will learn how to implement simple yet powerful practices into your daily routine with powerful tools to nourish, relax and reset. 

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Functional Foods and Clean Eating  

Did you know processed foods influence obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol? Your diet plays a huge role in preventing ailments and improving your overall health and wellness. In this class you will dive into the world of food, including the types of fats, cultured and fermented foods, carbohydrates and superfoods, as well as tools to continue your wellness journey and create a grocery list that functions to promote health. Gain a better understanding of what strategies you can immediately start using to add healthy foods in your diet and get the most nutrients from the food you buy.

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Eating Well on a Budget

You don't have to break the bank to eat well. Some nutritious diets certainly can be expensive, but they don't have to be! Get tips on how to cut costs on your grocery bill and how to be a savvy shopper while making more nutritious choices. Learn how to be creative in the kitchen so that you can save not only on costs but also time.  

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