Hello! I'm Wanda, and this is my Root Journey.

"Our journey to wellness works from the inside out, from the root to the plant. Positive, lasting change can only occur when we begin making changes at a root level. This philosophy has been a part of my life from the beginning."


A bit about my background: I was born and raised in the fertile lands of Brazil, where exotic fruits, roots, nuts and vegetables were abundant, and tending to our home organic vegetable garden was a way of life. I am of both Italian and Indian descent, and was taught at a very young age about Ayurveda (one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems) by my Indian father. I have spent over 20 years in the natural cosmetic industry, creating vegan and organic skincare and hair care products, developing corporate health and wellness events, and hands-on cooking classes emphasizing plant-based meals. I love connecting with others about food, health and wellness, which led me to pursue my Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I help empower and educate clients by co-creating tailored wellness plans that best suit each individual’s unique body, lifestyle, preferences and resources. 


I believe that each of us are capable of profound change. I am committed to helping my clients gain awareness, confidence, and more quality of life through education, practice, and consultation. Whether you are seeking one-on-one or small group coaching sessions, workshops, or corporate training and wellness initiatives, I’m happy to help guide you through your own Root Journey.

Coaching sessions can be done in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Schedule an initial consultation with me today.