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The Conscious Morning Routine You Need in Your Life

During this Pandemic, it has been important for me to find a way to start my day with a sense of gratitude and grounding. Through intuition and positive reinforcement, I believe I have found a routine that anyone can use to stay balanced by waking up with a sense of purpose even on our gloomy days. 

So here it is. My Pandemic Morning Routine. Take from it what you need:

Wake Up Without Technology

Whether you sleep in or get up before the sun rises, avoid scrolling on your phone when you first wake up. If anything, your phone should be the last thing you touch in the morning (unless you are turning off your alarm of course).

Make Your Bed

This seems like such a simple gesture to start your day, but you can reduce stress levels and improve your mood by adding this to your morning routine. Even if this is the only thing you actively choose to clean in your space daily, it is a beautiful and symbolic ritual that will leave you feeling purposeful, accomplished, and calm. Trust me. 

Revitalize The Body & Mind

To help flush the digestive system and hydrate the body, drink warm water with lemon after you make your bed. Take this time to slowly sip your water from your favorite mug or glass and run through your gratitude list - what are YOU currently grateful for in your life right now? It can be as simple as the lemon water you are drinking or your freshly made bed.

Reconnecting with the Present

Now that you have hydrated, it’s time to further reconnect to the present moment. How? Take your pick:

    1. Journal: write down your thoughts, draw, practice gratitude, reflect. There is no wrong or right way to journal.
    2. Meditate: Whether you use an app or you sit in stillness and breathe, remember that meditation is a practice so don’t be so hard on yourself if you try this and don’t feel calm. Our minds need patience to find stillness, not suffering.
  • Stretch/Yoga: Roll out your mat, stretch in silence or flow with your favorite online instructor on Youtube. This is a space for you to go within your body to start your day.
  • All of the above: You can do the above in any order that feels best to you, but I have found that journaling and stretching before I meditate helps me feel more at ease within my mind.

  • Nourish The Body

    Eating to nourish the body in the morning is essential to giving you the energy and nutrients you need to take on the day - even if that means you are planning to curl up on the couch and read a good book. Take your time in the kitchen if you can. Be your own Chef. Try a new recipe. This is always a space that you can find creativity within.

    Start your day

    Whatever this means to you. Start your day. Remember that this Pandemic is not a productivity contest. We are all trying to survive and take care of ourselves & our loved ones during this uncertain time. Even if all you do today is honor your morning routine or rest, that in itself is enough because it’s what YOU need.


    Always Growing,


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