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How to Awaken Your Inner Goddess

I have been reflecting a lot on the relationship I have with myself. It is one of the most important relationships in my life. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned throughout this life have been a result of honoring my inner Being, my inner Goddess, and my inner Soul. Now that we are entering into a new change of the seasons and the second half of the year, it feels important for me to share with you some of the greatest pieces of wisdom I have found to be true when wanting to awaken my inner Being, my inner Goddess, my inner Soul. This is what has helped me ground and grow within my own power;

Setting Weekly Intentions

Taking a pause every Sunday to evaluate my week, breathe, reflect, and write has transformed the way I take on my personal and professional goals. Even if my only weekly intention is moving more or getting better rest, it helps me keep on my path. I have found that bringing a small list of intentions into your week allows you to feel more grounded and gives you an anchor point to return to even when you find yourself moving through stress or chaos. Write your intentions on your bathroom mirror, hang them on your fridge or write them in the notes on your phone; these intentions are your mini-reminders to keep going and stay true to your highest self.

Honoring Personal Boundaries

Boundaries are hard. That is no secret to any of us who have practiced setting boundaries before. But having boundaries when it comes to the relationship with yourself can be life changing. I am still learning how to honor the personal boundaries I hold, but the stronger I become in maintaining them, the stronger I recognize my self-worth and self-love. Personal boundaries can look like; giving yourself 10 minutes a day to be with yourself, not over scheduling yourself as much as you can to proactively reduce stress, asking for what you need from your partner/family/loved ones with confidence. This practice takes time and is always evolving based on our immediate and long-term needs. Set those personal boundaries and watch your inner Goddess flourish.

Connecting with the Higher Self

Meditate. Spend time in nature. Nourish your soul. Connecting to your higher Self and your inner Goddess can feel ritualistic and euphoric. My favorite resources to tap into when I am craving connection to my inner Power include meditation and sound baths. You don’t need to step too far outside of your comfort zone to find this space within yourself. Being in nature or swimming in natural bodies of water can also connect us to our higher Power. It’s all about gaining perspective within our own significance. I find that tapping into at least a few of our senses can bring awareness inward. This is your power, this is your inner Goddess.

“Women, I hope you know how essential you really are. Keep that crown on.”
Alexandra Elle

Always Growing,


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