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Getting to the Root of Clean Skincare

For me, living a healthy lifestyle means I consider the foods I eat, the ways I move, and even what I put on my skin. During my 20 plus years in the natural cosmetics industry, I’ve created vegan and organic skincare and hair care products that keep me feeling healthy and beautiful—I even make them at home for myself!

Clean beauty has always been my priority when it comes to self-care and that’s why I created the Root Journey skincare line. But what does clean skincare mean and what do I keep in mind when creating a “clean” product?

What does “clean” mean?

When I’m creating my own skincare product—especially something that will stay on my skin all day long—I want to make sure that the ingredients are good for me and the environment. That’s why I steer clear of ingredients like parabens, synthetic fragrances, EDTA, phthalates, petroleum (like mineral oil), talc and other toxic ingredients. 

In addition, the products I create are Leaping Bunny Vegan & Cruelty-Free Certified, which means they don’t contain any animal ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Finally, I consider packaging. This is a tough one as so many beauty products are bottled in plastic. As a result, I try to use glass or other recyclable materials to package my skincare products. 

Beautiful Skin is Healthy Skin

Over the years, I have learned that good beauty products will keep my skin healthy and that’s been my focus in creating the Root Journey skincare line.

The Root Journey Firm & Smooth Facial Serum is a plant-based blend of organic ingredients that work in harmony with your skin’s natural oils. Packed with nutrient-dense fatty acids and vitamins, just a few drops of this quick-absorbing serum will nourish your complexion and leave your skin feeling healthy and radiant.

Use the Right Tools 

I’ve also loved finding natural ways to complement my skincare routine. One of my favorite tools is my Root Journey Jade Facial Roller—it’s really taken my skincare to the next level! I use it to prep my skin for cleaning, to reduce puffiness and fine lines, and in conjunction with the Firm & Smooth Facial Serum. I even like to store my jade roller in the fridge so it feels extra refreshing on my skin.

Photo credit: Lauren Nygard

Feed Your Face

Forming your own clean beauty routine doesn’t have to be too complex. Remember to start simply with a healthy lifestyle—eliminating processed foods is a great first step—then begin choosing products that are healthy for your skin and for the environment. As you can tell, I’m passionate about creating clean beauty products. You can trust that the Root Journey skincare line will be at home in your clean beauty bag!

Other factors like managing stress, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep can be just as important as what you put on your skin. I can offer you the support you need to make positive lifestyle changes gradually and sustainably. If you want more guidance or need help auditing the contents of your beauty bag, contact me.

Do you already have an established clean beauty routine? What products leave your skin feeling healthy and beautiful?

Always growing,

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