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August Is Family Fun Month

August is Family Fun Month! At Root Journey, we believe that a happy, healthy relationship with your family is vital to your health and wellness journey. So we encourage you to make time this month for some family bonding time. We’ve put together a list of activities that we enjoy doing with our families. Here it goes!



Exercise is free. Exercise is fun. Exercise is a great way to bond with your family. Whether you’re going for a walk in the neighborhood or going to the gym toghter, this is one of our favorite family activities. We believe working towards a goal forms an excellent bond with your family.



Whether you’re roughing it out in the woods or you’re going for a fancy glamping experience, there’s just something about spending time in the great outdoors with your loved ones. We love sitting out by the fire, gazing at the stars and taking a hike with our favorite people.



This activity is wide-ranging. Whether you’re taking time each evening at the dinner table to ask about each other’s day or telling family stories passed down for generations, it’s important to talk to your family.



We love to cook! We love to spend time with our families. Put the two together and make something wonderful! Some of our favorite memories are from spending time in the kitchen with mom and dad. Some of our favorite recipes are from those moments. Find a recipe, gather the family in the kitchen and cook!



The entire family can get so much out of giving back. You get the opportunity to teach your kids the importance of giving back. Not only is this a free activity for your family but you have the opportunity to do something good for those around you while building a bond with your family.


Those are five fun activities that help to build your family’s bond, create fun memories and provide so much value. Your family is a part of you. Your family is a very important part of your Root Journey.


Tell us in the comments what your favorite family activities are!

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