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7 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste this Holiday Season

The Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also a time when people consume more and create a lot more waste. Whether it’s buying more convenience foods packaged in plastic, wasting food or perfectly reusable gift wrapping. We can always make better choices to reduce our impact on the planet.

#1 Homemade gifts

Much more personal and thoughtful. Some ideas of DYI gifts: spice mix, chai mix, hand sanitizer scented with essential oils, laundry soap, cookies, bath salts, or a recipe card collection rolled up in a mason jar.

#2 Gift practical things

Instead of buying cute and useless items that will end up in the landfill, why not gift reusable items? These small actions promote sustainability, and the person who gets your gift will always remember you when using it.

#3 Reusable Packaging

Jars, baskets and fabric are reusable alternatives that also double as an extra gift, like the beautiful Japanese art of Furoshiki, where they fold and tie the fabric into a gorgeous wrapping.

#4 Repurpose & Recycle

Try to reuse gifts wrapping materials as much as possible, and why not re-gift something nice you received but have not used? It’s the equivalent of shopping second-hand.

#5 Gift experiences

Instead of material things, gift an experience! Concert tickets to a favorite band, a cooking class, or a spa day will create memorable experiences to be cherished.

6# The gift of time

Offer to donate your time to get a project done, teach a skill, go ice skating, or plan a special day together. 

#7 Shop consciously

Buy second-hand, organic and fair-trade items whenever possible and avoid ordering single items online. Think about the impact on the supply chain and carbon footprint that your purchase creates.

I came to realize that we don’t really “need” many material things to make this a more sustainable holiday and festive season. What’s most valuable is the quality time spent together with those you love.

Happy Holidays!

Renata Esteves - IIN Certified Health Coach, founder of Beleza Orgânica, a health coaching practice that empowers women to detox body & mind with strategies to heal.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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