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7 COVID-19 Adaptations That We Should Make Permanent

Though the past year and a half with the threat of COVID-19 in the background has not been an easy ride, there have been some surprising silver linings to the coronavirus disease changing the fabric of modern society. We’ve had to make adaptations in how we work, go to school and socialize. Consider which of the seven changes below you would like to see as a permanent part of life as we move forward from this tragic, confusing and sometimes inspiring period.


1. Make Home a Happy Place

Many people have learned to enjoy their own company, start new hobbies or completely redecorate their houses and yards due to the increased time spent at home. Though homemaking may be a dying art, it doesn’t have to be. Create a sustainable place you love coming home to, even if you no longer work from your couch.


2. Support Local Businesses and Restaurants

Many restaurants and small businesses were forced to close due to COVID-19. Do your best to support your favorite local businesses, family-owned shops and restaurants, as it is your patronage that keeps them afloat during dark economic times.


3. Refocus Career or Educational Goals

If you’ve chosen to change careers due to COVID-19, it may be a great time to take some classes too, due to the increase in remote learning options. Many degree options, from teaching to finance to counseling, are available part-time and online.


For those who wish to pivot and start their own small company, register your business with your state government and consider forming a limited liability company to separate your work from your personal finances. Having an LLC can help you avoid lawyer fees later. Check with your state to determine how to file before you move forward or use ZenBusiness to do it efficiently for you.


4. Spend More Time Outdoors

We’ve grown used to avoiding crowds and indoor gatherings — and some of us enjoy this trend. Hold an outdoor dinner party or serve Thanksgiving dinner in your backyard this year. This adaptation may help those who are still vulnerable to COVID-19 and other illnesses, such as the flu, have a more enjoyable holiday season.


5. Expand Virtual Schooling Options

In 2020, we saw a major rise in virtual schooling due to COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines. Kids who learn better out of the classroom and teens who work part-time jobs can benefit from these nontraditional options. Speak with your school board or district about creating sustainable schooling options for kids who need them.


6. Provide Legitimate Remote Jobs

Though some people loathed the work-from-home period of COVID-19, others left the office and didn’t look back. FlexJobs’s post-pandemic survey indicates that more than 50% of workers would leave their current jobs if they couldn't work remotely. Remote jobs are ideal for those with disabilities, people in rural areas and parents who wish to stay home with children and earn an income. 


7. Pay Attention to Health

Finally, people of all ages are used to paying close attention to changes in their health status due to fear of the COVID-19 virus. We’ve become more literate about mental health as well. 


If you find that the new normal has made you a more compassionate person who is aware of others and more in touch with your own mental life, you’re not alone. If you wish to make the positive COVID-19 changes a permanent part of modern life, focus on your physical and mental health, spend more downtime with loved ones and enjoy open-air activities. Sign up for Root Journey’s upcoming workshops and book a coaching session today!

Article by Emma Grace Brown.

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